Broucolaque, Modern

Variations: Broncolakas, Broucolaca, Broucolacchi, Broucolacco, Broucolokas, Broucoloques, Broukolakes, Brukulaco, Brukolak, Burcolakas, Drakaena, Drakos, Mulo, TIMPANITA, Tumpaniaïoi, VRYKOLAKA
The broucolaque of today is the end result of the social evolution from the broucolaque of ancient times. This modern-day vampiric REVENANT rises from the grave of particularly evil individuals, such as those who have been excommunicated from the Church.
Like most other GREEK VAMPIRES, the broucolaque is described as looking like the person it did in life but with its skin drawn tightly over its body, so tight in fact that when it is slapped, it sounds like a drum (see GREEK VAMPIRES). Also like other Greek vampires, it will knock on the doors of those it knew in life, trying to lure them out so that it can attack them, draining them of their blood. The modern broucolaque is something of a stalker, for if it cannot get an answer at a person's home, it will then go to the field where he works or try to intercept him on the way to work. If it should meet a person during its travels, it will ask him a question. Should that person answer, he will die of some means the next day.
Perhaps in an attempt to appeal to the minds of a more modern people, the broucolaque is able to rise from its grave without disturbing the ground. Source: Encyclopedia Americana, vol. 6, 504 ­5; White law, Popular Encyclopedia, 778

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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